Denial by Airbase feat. Floria Ambra

Sleepless, lightless, I’ve been waiting, for you. In secret, counting, The hours, until the morning sun Jezper Soderlund (Airbase) has been in the scene since 1994 and also went by a myriad of other aliases (he had over ten!) However, he since then merged everything under ‘Airbase’ around 2005. ‘Denial’ was released back in 2008.Continue reading “Denial by Airbase feat. Floria Ambra”

Black is the Colour by Cara Dillon & 2Devine (Above & Beyond’s Devine Intervention remix)

Black is the colour, of my true love’s hair Her lips are like, a rose so fair She’s got the sweetest face and the gentlest hands I love the ground, whereon she stands I cannot get enough of this song. The vocals are absolutely haunting and even with over 7 minutes, I always find myselfContinue reading “Black is the Colour by Cara Dillon & 2Devine (Above & Beyond’s Devine Intervention remix)”

Guardian by Paul van Dyk (Sunset Mix)

What am I to doIn the end I only want to know you’re safeSo precious to loseImpossible to hold when you are worlds awayA thousand thoughts of you Honestly, I’m a bit lost for words right now and at the risk of sounding slightly deranged, this is how I found this song: One of theContinue reading “Guardian by Paul van Dyk (Sunset Mix)”