Some days, I feel like I’m just talking to myself. 

My buddy that I normally send techno/some trance/Rezz-y stuff to lives in another country with a 14 hour time difference. 

My on-and-off trance friend has been dealing with other life things (understandably). 

I wish I had someone to just jam with and listen to music with all day long but truth is, most people don’t have the same taste as each other. 

I think the closest I get to is going to festivals but sometimes that doesn’t work out, especially with a big group. 

I started off this blog because me and a friend were talking about music. And I mentioned how I loved reading artist bios and interviews. And how I have a random collective of trivia about artists (Ie: did you know Qrion is pronounced ‘Korean’? Yeah I was definitely pronouncing it wrong for a while lol). 

At first I thought I would share news about artists. Cute right? Except there were already tons of sources with teams of people who write better than me and had a closer access to producers and DJ’s beyond what they post on their social media. What could I possibly offer that would be valuable to a reader, when there’s already 10 other articles about it? 

So what did I want to share? Despite attending a decent amount of festivals, I don’t really have much to offer in that department either. I’m more in the moment sort of person, turning down opportunities for a selfie in front of an art installation to high rolling into a crowd to dance. I am not going to be able to tell you exactly how the venue was, how security was that day, or remember what the bar situation was like. Plus I feel like your milage may vary was a statement that attributed to festivals as well. Everyone’s music taste is difference. Everyone is going to have a different experience with the crowd. All I can say is you should go and see for yourself. Be respectful of those around you. And don’t be stupid.

Not to mention I did not want to attach my face or personal information due to the sometimes bad-connotations of edm. 

For now, I’m attaching memories to songs that I hold dear to me.

Published by ALX

Another electronic music aficionado, dreaming about her next event. A place to share my thoughts about the electronic music sphere, along with documenting my decade long journey into it.

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