Was feeling blue the other day over how out of reach Berlin’s infamously hedonistic KitKat club was to me, being that I am situated all the way in the States so I decided to look up their instagram to relive the memories. To be honest, their IG feed wasn’t quite what I was looking for (probably doesn’t help that I don’t understand a schnitzel of German) but luckily their IG stories for that day/night was intriguing. 

“Symbiotikka tonight” was plastered over the screen, accompanied by the typical thumping techno beats that Berlin is so known for, splashed with hazy videography that is not unlike the dungeon-esque rooms of KitKat itself. Curious, I clicked on the tag and was taken to their Symbiotikka page.

Symbiotikka is KitKat’s Wednesday techno and fetish night, which did not seem unlike their Wasteland party that I attended last October. Now I was feeling at home. I clicked on one of the videos that showcased model missirajin dancing in a cage. 

Just as her swaying had quickly caught my attention, the music also pulled me into a dizzying “I must find this song NOW” frenzy. Luckily for me, I did not have to look far: the DJ was tagged in the caption. 

DJ Jordan.

Off to Soundcloud I went and luckily for me, his New Year’s set for this year at KitKat was posted at the very top. Now I can almost pretend I was there, ringing in the new decade decked in a leather strapped garb, sharing the swings above the pool with another latex encased gal. What happens next will have to be passed on verbally hours after the party, as like most nightclubs in Berlin, the no-camera policy ensures that your undivided attention is only on what’s happening right in front of you. And for me, that’s watching the crowd pulsate collectively to the minimal, pounding beats from DJ Jordan of Berlin.

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Another electronic music aficionado, dreaming about her next event. A place to share my thoughts about the electronic music sphere, along with documenting my decade long journey into it.

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