I’m probably waiting for you to shut up so I can go home and listen to music

I started listening to EDM in 2010 (hello deadmau5 and The Bloody Beetroots) and had been dreaming about attending Electric Daisy Carnival since I was 16. Fast forward to a decade later, I finally attended EDC along with a myriad of other festivals that hold some of my favorite memories: Lightning in a Bottle in Bradley, CA, Transmission: PragueAbove and Beyond: The Weekender in Washington, Seismic Dance Event in Austin, TX just to name a few.

The music went from something I did as a weekend past time with friends to something much more. I’ve met some of my best friends through events and from our love of sharing new music with each other. I’ve lost countless hours of sleep to SoundCloud and Spotify and found myself eagerly reading artist bios and interviews instead of doing work. 

Five EDC’s later, hundreds of kandis traded, four pairs of rave converses put to rest, and six sets of earplugs lost forever to the electric abyss, I was still going. 

As I started nearing my late 20’s, I realized that I didn’t want to stop attending events just because I was getting ‘older’. Like many others, the music, people, and experiences that brought us all together for that one beautiful moment has left a mark on me and inevitably changed my life for the better. So now I’m off to check off as many music festivals, underground shows, and everything in between as I possibly can until I can’t dance anymore.

Not sure what direction this blog is going to take but I needed a place to dump my experiences, thoughts, and to share music. First and foremost, I do not believe my taste in music is be all end all (I hate music elitists!). ‘Good music’ should not be subjected to a single genre or style and this is something I might fight you over but… PLUR. 

I will also state this as a warning that my taste is chaotic and haphazard so if you are looking for a blog that focuses on one or two genres, this is not the place. I literally will listen to Above and Beyond one moment and then blast Kayzo’s Lollapalooza 2018 set the next (it’s still one of my favorites to workout to!) These days, trance and techno are my go-to’s but I will literally listen to anything.

See yall at the next event! 


Published by ALX

Another electronic music aficionado, dreaming about her next event. A place to share my thoughts about the electronic music sphere, along with documenting my decade long journey into it.

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